237 Years and Counting!

This week, Americans around the country and the world will be celebrating the birth of their country, and many international students sticking around for the summer will also have an opportunity to experience the day of celebrations! If you are here for the 4th, what can you expect?

Happy 4th!

Every group of friends has its own 4th of July traditions, but there are a few underlying themes for the day:

  • Declared, federal holiday! Most get the day off work work or summer school, and regularly scheduled activities take a break for the day.
  • Food: Some 4th of July food staples are burgers, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, corn, watermelon and apple pie, though every group has its own food traditions.
  • Decor: You will see lots of red, white and blue!
  • Games/sports: For those with access to a boat, waterskiing, tubing and any other water sport you can think of could be the main highlight. Out of the water, you could participate in potato sack races, watermelon seed-spitting contests, and other school-yard fun, like Red Rover and Red Light, Green Light.
  • The Grand Finale: Fireworks! Most cities have a large, centrally located fireworks display. In Washington, D.C., the Capitol 4th Fireworks Display and Concert draws quite the crowd. If you prefer a smaller celebration, many neighborhoods and country clubs will put on their own show. Some families will even purchase fireworks and launch them from the back yard (*illegal in some areas and not recommended unless you are an expert firework launcher).

International Students: What are some of your favorite holidays and traditions from your home country? *Let us know by leaving a comment or send us your favorites at students@lindentours.com!

Happy Holidays!

The winter break is the second longest at most universities in the United States. Many students have just finished or are finishing end-of-semester exams, and in cities and towns across the United States, students are fleeing at a rapid pace. Airports and trains are filled with academically drained minds headed home for the holidays. The long break even allows international students an opportunity to return home to see family and friends. 

To students in your last days of exam week:

Take a deep breath and best of luck!

To students who have already completed the semester:

Sit back and enjoy the hard-earned vacation.

 Safe travels to wherever you may be headed and

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!