Students in India!

Are you curious about studying in the USA? We have many top-notch U.S. University Representatives who are excited to meet you! Here is your chance to meet face-to-face with admissions representatives from diverse universities all over the United States.


Linden will be hosting fairs in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Chennai! Check out our schedule for more information about details of the fairs and a list of participating universities. Remember to pre-register before the fairs to skip the line at the door!

See you there! #studyintheUSA

Networking Event in Boston

You are invited to a great networking event.

Boston – May 3.  Boston Long Wharf Hotel from 2-7pm

Linden Educational Services is pleased to be hosting a great networking opportunity  for secondary school counselors who work with international students.  Activities at this event will provide counselors who work with international students and 25 university admissions representatives from around the country unique opportunities to interact, share information and learn from one another.

Linden Educational Services is a Washington DC based organization that assists US universities recruit international students to their campuses. We have been in operation for more than 30 years, and have led more than 250 tours around the world for universities interested in meeting with international students.  We operate regional tours in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. We also organize country specific tours to India, China and Turkey. Recently, the international admissions officers have been asking us to organize a tour to visit schools in the U.S. so they can meet with international students who plan to continue their education at universities in the U.S.

We are excited to be hosting this event, and hope you can make it.  Please click here for more information.


Campus Food Options at U.S. Universities

First-time university students learn quite a bit about life early in the year:

  • Washing colors with whites leaves you with a pile of oddly colored clothing.
  • YOU actually are in control of your own schedule…want to go to a midnight movie on a school night? Go right ahead! Just be aware that nobody will wake you up for that 8:00 AM class the next day.
  • Bills don’t pay themselves…
  • Mom can’t make your meals from thousands of miles away!
The above pyramid from the USDA gives you the guidelines for a balanced diet.

The above pyramid from the USDA gives you the guidelines for a balanced diet.

That last bullet point is a lot to stomach for many new freshmen, but you quickly learn where to find the best food on campus. Most campuses offer the following options, though the specific food outlets will vary from campus to campus:

  • Dining Hall: Think of an all-you-can-eat buffet of sandwiches, salads, pasta, dessert and more. Dining halls are typically open all day to accommodate all student schedules, and meals here get deducted from your pre-purchased meal plan. Many dining halls also cater to those following a kosher or halal diet – just check the school’s dining services website to find out which dining halls offer these options.
  • Student Union: Every school has a unique name for their student union, but often this is where to find fast food. Chains like Subway, Chopt, Starbucks and Burger King often fill student union food courts, and these are popular food options for lunch, since these are normally centrally located.
  • Campus Convenience: “CampCo” is similar to a gas station with no gas. You can find a variety of school and dorm products here (notebooks, closet hangers, etc.) in addition to a full array of candy bars and beverages. Many CampCo stores offer prepackaged sandwiches and snacks for students needing a quick and convenient meal, but you are more likely to go here to satisfy a late night snack attack than for a meal.
  • Special Dining Requirements? Whether you follow a vegan, kosher, halal, gluten-free, vegetarian or nut-free diet, schools in the United States have you covered! All of the dining outlets on campus should be able to tell you if their food meets your dietary needs, and the nutrition facts for many of the options at CampCo, in the Student Union and in the dining halls will be available either onsite or online via the school’s dining website.

Have questions about dining options at a particular school? Ask an admissions representative at a Linden Fair this fall! Register online at:!

Autumn Leaves and Football Teams

The first semester of the school year is considered by many students in the United States to be one of the greatest. The weather around the country gets mild, and school spirit is at an all-time high. Football games and tailgate parties are great opportunities to bond with your classmates, and you do not need to understand everything about football to have a great time. However, it might be helpful to know a few things:

Football Nation!

Football Nation! Here are some of the college football allegiances by area.

  • Pep Rally – These events occur before big sporting events and aim to encourage the team and increase school spirit for the upcoming game. Students and faculty shout cheers, sing school fight songs and often dress in school colors.
  • Tailgate Party – This is essentially a pre-game, parking lot party. Parking lots fill up hours before the game, and groups of friends dressed in their team’s colors come with game-day snacks and decorations.
  • The Game – Obviously, this is the main event! American Football is similar to rugby, and teams score points by advancing the ball to the end zone (at the end of the field). Touchdowns score the most points, and these occur when a team either passes the ball or runs the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. If you see your team get a touchdown, cheer! For more comprehensive rules and regulations, check the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s page.
    • Conferences: Many schools will fall into one of several “conferences” or divisions. The biggest are the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, ACC, Big 12 and Big East. Click here for more info on the conferences.

*Join us at a fair to ask U.S. University representatives about their school’s teams! Register for the fair online:!

Which School is Right for You?

Are you planning to attend a university or college in the United States? Then you might want to know the many differences between universities, colleges and community colleges.

In this video, Carol Proko Easton and a few of her students from the class of 2014 at the Escuela Americana in San Salvador discuss these differences and offer some advice on how to choose between the school types available.

At this fall’s Linden U.S. University Fairs, you will find many types of schools. Register to speak with university representatives in your city to learn more about which type is right for you.

Going Away to College

Hi All! I am Jody, and I work in the Linden Educational Services office in Bethesda, Maryland. You might recognize me from a previous fair, but if not, I hope to see you at one of this fall’s Asia fairs, where I will be traveling with the university group. (Hint: Please register online – it will save you time!)

This is back to school time in the States, which means Bed, Bath & Beyonds, Targets and Ikeas are filled with excited college students and nervous parents trying to prepare for the big move to school. Some students in the States choose a school close to home and can pack up the car and drive. Others, like international students, must fly.

I fell into the second category as a student, and my morning errands sent me down memory lane. I had to pick up a passport at the Chinese Consulate and send it from the local FedEx. The store was filled with college-aged kids surrounded by their boxes. One girl who appeared to be about 18 or 19-years-old was frantically loading large boxes onto the counter. Clearly she was headed back to school.

The sight reminded me of the first time I had to pack all of my belongings in boxes and ship them off to school. I felt just as frantic as this girl looked, and I was nervous about arriving at school in a new city and having the shipping company say, “Sorry, your boxes burst open on the way…your stuff is now scattered across the Mid-Atlantic. Best of luck!”

Of course, my boxes arrived that year and every year after, and within a few, short years, I was a box-builder/shipper extraordinaire. However, it does not make the packing process any easier, especially your first time out. How do you fit 18 years of prized possessions into two suitcases? It is a daunting task.

Regardless of how you get to college, the journey there is filled with little stresses, new experiences and loads of excitement.

Students and reps in Chennai

A fair is a great place to get your university questions answered – join us this fall!

*Don’t forget that all of the university representatives you meet at the fairs have also been where you are. Of course, they are knowledgeable about the schools they represent, but they also each have personal stories and experiences to share with you about their years in college. The brochures are helpful, but the reps themselves are your best resources.

Questions about upcoming fairs? Email me directly – Specific questions for university reps? Register and join us at one of the 17 Linden Fairs this fall!

Land of Variety

One of the most amazing aspects of attending a school in the United States is the variety degrees from which you may choose. Many universities and colleges offer hundreds of options, and often you are able to double major or obtain dual degrees.

It can be quite easy to visit a university website and find a comprehensive list of degrees offered, but what if you want to create your own or you aren’t sure if you can combine two of the programs of study? It all seems very straightforward, but in order to truly personalize your experience, speaking to an admissions representative, a current student or an alum can be incredibly helpful.

Maybe you want to be an engineer, and you happen to be able to find degree requirements online. Have you thought about which kind of programs at the school might complement your degree? A representative from the school would be able to shed more light on the types of extra-curricular programs and other school activities that might be helpful to you while pursuing your degree.

If you prefer to create your own program of study, there are degrees that will allow you to do that also.

Getting a chance to speak face-to-face with a university representative

Getting a chance to speak face-to-face with a university representative

Do a bit of research and then reach out to a school representative. You can probably set up a Skype meeting or phone call if it works for you, but why not meet someone from the school in person? Make a list of your interests, run a college search or speak with your college counselor about schools that might meet your needs. Check the websites to see when the universities on your list plan to visit your region. Fall is a great time to attend a fair, and this fall Linden is organizing 17 fairs.

Questions about attending a Linden fair this fall? Email me at

237 Years and Counting!

This week, Americans around the country and the world will be celebrating the birth of their country, and many international students sticking around for the summer will also have an opportunity to experience the day of celebrations! If you are here for the 4th, what can you expect?

Happy 4th!

Every group of friends has its own 4th of July traditions, but there are a few underlying themes for the day:

  • Declared, federal holiday! Most get the day off work work or summer school, and regularly scheduled activities take a break for the day.
  • Food: Some 4th of July food staples are burgers, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, corn, watermelon and apple pie, though every group has its own food traditions.
  • Decor: You will see lots of red, white and blue!
  • Games/sports: For those with access to a boat, waterskiing, tubing and any other water sport you can think of could be the main highlight. Out of the water, you could participate in potato sack races, watermelon seed-spitting contests, and other school-yard fun, like Red Rover and Red Light, Green Light.
  • The Grand Finale: Fireworks! Most cities have a large, centrally located fireworks display. In Washington, D.C., the Capitol 4th Fireworks Display and Concert draws quite the crowd. If you prefer a smaller celebration, many neighborhoods and country clubs will put on their own show. Some families will even purchase fireworks and launch them from the back yard (*illegal in some areas and not recommended unless you are an expert firework launcher).

International Students: What are some of your favorite holidays and traditions from your home country? *Let us know by leaving a comment or send us your favorites at!

Funding Your U.S. Studies

Several of you have asked if there are scholarships available to international students at U.S. universities. Many colleges and universities do offer some sort of scholarship or financial aid package, but the amount of aid awarded, type of scholarship (academic, athletic, leadership, etc.), and scholarship application requirements and deadlines differ from school to school.

Do you want to know the best way to find out which scholarship/aid packages are available at a particular school? Ask one of their admissions representatives! You can find their email addresses and phone numbers directly on their websites, or you can ask them in person at a university fair in your area.

These students got an opportunity to ask university representatives questions in person!

Check out all the great information these students have in their hands!

Individual school scholarships aren’t the only way to fund your studies in the U.S. In fact, the video on our February 2012 blog post will give you several options. Check it out HERE!

Questions about future fairs? Email us at!

Summer Checklists

For the class of 2013, the summer checklist probably lists things like “pack for college,” and “beach trip with friends before parting ways,” but for those of you who didn’t graduate this year, the summer checklist could look quite different. Some of you may plan to tour college campuses and talk to alumni from possible schools, and maybe you plan to visit a university fair this summer or fall.

For those of you who have either attended a Linden Fair or plan to attend a Linden Fair, I have a few questions for you:

  1. What piece of information from the fair did you find the most helpful? If you are planning to attend a fair, what do you hope to learn from the university admissions representatives?
  2. How did you/would you best prepare for your fair experience? (Would you research participating universities? Register online? Invite friends and family?)
  3. What do you plan to study in university and why? If you don’t know, that’s okay too! For those “undecideds” out there, what other criteria are you using to select a university?

If you have a few moments to answer the above, you can either leave a comment or email answers (and questions if you have them) to me at

Thanks for your time, your wisdom and insight, and I hope you all have a fun summer!

Join us at a fair to get face time with admissions counselors traveling to your city to see YOU!

Join us at a fair to get face time with admissions counselors traveling to your city to see YOU!

Check with us to see if the fair in your city will feature presentations before the start of the fair!

Check with us to see if the fair in your city will feature presentations before the start of the fair!